Discogs Scan

Discogs Scan is an Android application that allows you to quickly scan the barcodes of all the CDs and records in your collection. It can then upload that collection to your Discogs.com account.

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You don't need to enter most of your media manually. Discogs.com has an extensive collection of barcodes.

And if the barcode is missing, you can quickly search for the missing information. No need to enter all data.


When "endless scanning mode" is turned, you can scan about 10 to 15 items per minute. You have to be a great typist to beat that.


Barcodes are much quicker to scan when well lit. So if you're having troubles, go sit by the window or put a desk light above your stack.


For all support requests, please contact me directly. If possible, include the make and model of your Android phone and the steps you took that caused the problem. The more detail the better.

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